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20th Anniversary Special Publication


Mark Goh
Tang Loon Ching

OR Applications in Singapore

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10th Anniversary Special Publication


William Hioe
Bill Liu
Chong Fen Sin
Lau Boon Hwee
M. A. Quaddus

ORSS in Focus

General OR

Invited Papers

Military OR

OR Applications in Government and Industry

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Proceedings of the Operations Research Seminar: OR for Managerial Effectiveness
(21-22 April 1989)


Mohammed A Razzaque
Tan Thiam Soon

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Proceedings of the Operational Research Symposium: OR for Decision Support
(11-13 April 1985)


Chew Kim Lin
Ong Hoon Liong
Chong Fen Sin
Yap Kim Yew
M. A. Quaddus
Ong-Tan Yoke Yin

Inventory/Production Scheduling

Timetable Scheduling/Manpower Planning

Decision Analysis



OR in Management/Planning

Mathematical Programming/Optimization

Computer Applications

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