Current OR Trend in Singapore

The talk outlines the work done by IDSC over two decades since its founding in 1996.

In the area of supply chain and logistics, the speaker cited supply chain optimization projects done for MNCs such as ExxonMobil and Gillette, ammunition logistics optimization for the SAF (in particular the application of graph theory to solving the dynamic cross docking problem), and the design of the next generation industrial building for JTC.

For the public sector, the mentioned optimization of ICA resources at Woodlands checkpoint, pre-board screening at Changi airport, game theory application to anti-terrorism patrols for the MRT network and optimization of the NLB collection planning and selection system.

He then introduced the forecasting, sales analytics and inventory solution he developed under TECS and iPACT grants, explaining how lost sales was recovered to boost sales and unsold bread was reduced for Gardenia as well as how he is tackling the airtug allocation problem at Changi airport.

He then touched on the HR analytics work done for the civil service and outlined how he hope to tackle the current lack of objectivity and efficiency in the labour market.

He also introduced the concept of secure benchmarking as a collaborative analytics tool to address the lack of means for companies and individuals to learn from each other without compromising their confidentiality and privacy.

He ended the talk by engaging the audience in a debate over the implications of the resurgence of AI, machine learning and other recent developments on the OR profession.

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